SALT IN MY SOUL | Feature documentary

Salt in My Soul

Director: Will Battersby

Salt in My Soul is a documentary film and classic coming of age story about a young woman figuring out how to live while dying. Mallory Smith was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at the age of three. Using Mallory’s posthumously published 25,000-page secret diaries, along with hundreds of hours of newly discovered footage & audio recordings, the film offers Mallory as the narrator of her own extraordinary chronicle.

100% Fresh – Rotten Tomatoes

“A powerful, life-affirming documentary” – NPR

“Intimacy pervades [this] moving documentary” – LA Times

“Watching the film, one senses her loss the way one might sense the loss of a friend.” – Spirituality & Health

“Salt in My Soul strikes a graceful balance… it centers itself on her voice and viewpoint, her determination not to let her illness define her while grappling with her ambitions and mortality.” – Alliance of Women Film Journalists